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Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Switching to Solar not only slashes your energy costs but it shall also benefit our environment by reducing your Carbon Emissions.

An average Australian household emits around 7 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. Your switch to Solar shall offset a large portion of these emissions thereby reducing your carbon footprints drastically.

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Add Value to your Home

Solar PV systems adds value to your property, should you plan to sell it or rent it out in the coming future.

The offset in energy costs from a Solar PV System is a tangible benefit to a tenant or the prospective owner of your home and hence a Solar PV System on your roof-top is expected to fetch you a higher asking price.

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Benefit from Feed-In Tariff

With the emerging battery technologies, one can store the unused Solar power to be used at later times.

Today’s battery prices however need not deter your switch towards Solar. Without Batteries, the unused solar power from your System shall be fed back into the grid which could let you enjoy feed-in tariff benefits from your energy retailer.

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Save on Energy Bills

Generating Solar power from your own roof-space gives you a greater control on reducing your energy expenses.

The proven reliability in Solar PV technologies combined with its expected long life span of over 25 years, allows you to start saving on the ever increasing energy costs from the day you make your switch to Solar.

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