Purchase Upfront


Purchasing your Solar PV System upfront, benefits your business considerably from enjoying its immediate ownership.


The savings in your energy costs from day one shall not only cover your investment within the initial few years, your business shall also reap the returns through the accumulated energy savings throughout the System’s expected long life-span of over 25 years..


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We very well understand the priorities of businesses over their Capex. Our easy financing options lets your business benefit from solar power with $0 Upfront Investment, by making monthly repayments over a chosen term period of 12 to 84 months.


Also, our association with Tier 1 Financiers shall provide you competitive financing options and simplify the borrowing process.


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Zero Invest Solar Plan


Opt for our Zero Invest Solar Plan (Power Purchase Agreement) and LECA shall design, install, test and commission the Solar PV System at your premises for $0 Upfront Investment and your business only pays for the electricity produced for the term of 10 to 15 years. What’s more?


Our Zero Invest Solar Plan – during the entire term – comes with Guaranteed Power Production and $0 towards System Maintenance and Monitoring.


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