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Solar energy is here to stay. In a warming world, on one of the world’s sunniest continents, Australians are embracing clean, green solar energy. More than 2.3 million households across the nation already generate renewable energy from rooftop solar panels.

Solar power cares for your budget as cleverly as it cares for the environment. So, you can understand why Australian homeowners and businesses are installing solar panels to shrink their annual electricity bills along with their carbon footprint. It just makes sense.


Solar power cares for your budget as cleverly as it cares for the environment.

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Natural Energy Choice For Australia

Boasting the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent, Australia is in prime position to harness this abundant natural resource. After all, it never runs out. A customised solar panel installation is the perfect way to turn pure sunlight into clean electricity. Add a battery and store energy to use overnight or when the sun isn’t shining. Using leading technology, your household can enjoy a reliable supply of renewable power – now and into the future.

Benefits Of Going Solar

There are plenty of reasons to consider the switch from traditional fossil-fuelled electricity to sustainable power.

Saving On Energy Bills

Just think about it. You’re generating electricity from your own rooftop, powering your own air conditioner on those scorching summer days and firmly in control of your spending. A solar battery, where appropriate, allows you to store excess energy for later use. Depending on weather, installation size and other variables, you are on the road to becoming self-sufficient. Sounds good?

Enjoy feed - In tariffs (FiT)

With a reasonable FiT, your solar power system will be fit for anything. If you don’t have a solar battery, you can feed your excess energy back to the grid. Your energy retailer will pay you a designated FiT (differing across states and territories) for your contribution. This can slash your electricity bill, especially during summer months. So, even without a battery, you save money.

Add Value To Your Home

Energy-saving homes with solar power systems are generally more attractive to prospective buyers and tenants. This means your solar installation can be a valuable asset once it is paid off – generally within four to seven years. Great news!

Care For The Planet

The hard fact is that the average Australian household emits around seven tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. By switching to solar power, you offset a large chunk of this emission load, and start to play an active role in the global transition to clean, green renewable energy. It’s time.

Strip It Down

A solar installation is a precision system with highly sophisticated components. But hey, you probably care less. We guess you’re more interested in the end result - slashed power bills – than the fancy tech used to get there. That’s why we keep things simple. Our team takes care of the tricky stuff so you can enjoy a streamlined solar power system working at peak efficiency.

Download our Solar Basics guide and find everything you need to know in simple words

  • How to get the most out of my solar energy system?
  • What is Solar Inverter?
  • Do I need an energy tracking device?
  • Is a battery right for me?

Find the answers here.

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