A critical component of the solar PV system is the inverter and it works in converting DC power generated by the solar panels to AC power. AC power is the standard electricity flow that is used to power appliances in your home. The inverter is an integral part of the solar PV system and without it, you will not be able to use solar power. With the right solar inverter for home, you can maximise the available energy that is generated by the solar panels.

The Advantages of Solar Inverter

If you are installing solar panels, the importance of the solar inverter cannot be overlooked. There are different types of solar inverters which can benefit in the following ways.

  • With a solar inverter, you can maximise the solar output.
  • Solar inverters ensure safe power generation from your PV system along with any fault detections.
  • With some solar inverters, you can monitor the performance of your solar PV system.
  • Solar inverters ensure safe transmission with the utility grid.

Solar Inverters are highly efficient and you can choose from different makes and models in the market (click here to learn about different types of solar inverters). We have evaluated a list efficient solar inverters that are built to offer unmatched performance. At LECA, we will assist you in scanning different types of solar inverters so that you can choose the most suitable one for your solar PV system.

The Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

01 Offset Energy Consumption
02 Solar Feed-In
03 Excess Energy Storage
04 Solar Rebates
Offset Energy Consumption

Installing a Solar PV System at home will help you offset your energy consumption, reducing or even eliminating the need to buy energy from your electricity retailer.

Solar Feed-In

Any excess energy generated by your Solar PV System during the day can be sent back to the grid, in exchange for a feed-in-tariff that is fixed by your electricity retailer.

Excess Energy Storage

With the addition of a Residential Solar Battery to your Solar PV System, excess energy generated can be stored for later use, helping you power your home during the night as well.

Solar Rebates

There are various solar rebates, subsidies, and incentives from the federal and some state/territory governments across Australia, that can help you take the next step to switch to solar. Click here to find out more the Solar PV and Battery rebates available as of 2022.

Solar Inverters for Sale

At LECA, we also consider solar battery inverters that are priced competitively and allow you to make the most out of your PV system. There are several benefits of solar inverters and you need to consider various factors when deciding the inverter that will best work for your property.

We have an experienced team to help you make an informed choice. The type of inverter required will depend on the size of the solar PV system to be installed. Our expert consultants will explain the factors in detail and suggest a cost-effective option.

The solar inverter is the most sophisticated part of the grid system and is exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain, humidity and heat. This makes it necessary to choose a quality solar inverter that offers seamless performance.

If you have any questions about solar inverters or would like to find out more, feel free to reach out to our team.

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